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When it comes to injury management and good health, there’s no such thing as instant results. It takes time. At Rise Physio, we are here to help you and to provide clarity on your journey to better health.

Our philosophy

At Rise Physio, we understand how life, parenthood and pregnancy physically and emotionally change us. Depleted energy levels, lifting and carrying children as well as limited time for self-care, all combine. Before long, we start to develop aches, pains, twinges, reduced stamina and injuries.

We believe that structured, physical exercise needs to be part of everyone’s lifestyle. But it will be different for everyone – depending on your life stage and physiology. That’s why we provide individual programs that are easy to do at home.

We help to alleviate pain, manage existing injuries and conditions, and facilitate programs that aim to prevent symptom flare ups or re-injury.

We’ll show you how to fit individualised exercises and general activity into your already busy schedule to ensure it is:

  • Achievable
  • Sustainable
  • Actionable

Along the way, we will celebrate all the achievements and milestones, both large and small that you or your children accomplish.

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about adelle sherwood, owner of rise physio

About Adelle

Adelle is a highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist with a Masters of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney and nearly a decade of practical experience. She has worked with patients in both private practice and hospital environments and has undergone additional studies in the areas of paediatric physiotherapy and Pilates.

She spent most of her life training and dancing as a classical ballerina which paved the foundations for her respect for the human body and its incredible capacity for adaptation and growth.

At her core, Adelle believes wholistic assessment and patient education are the keys to helping people not only achieve their physical health goals but also assist them to move confidently through life.

Why we began

As a parent to 3 kids who are close in age, Adelle understands how family demands can take you away from looking after your own health. As a physiotherapist, she also understands the importance of prioritising your health so you can better support the people who depend on you.

It’s something Adelle and her husband have experienced for themselves and she hears the same thing from her patients and the parents of her junior patients.

For a real-world perspective on managing your physical health and mobility, make a time to visit Rise Physio